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The Wolves’ Den Way is:

  • to create an open atmosphere of warmth, concern, and empathy for students, parents, and staff.
  • to assist and empower each student in achieving his/her greatest potential by addressing individual, personal and academic goals.
  • to provide available resources to help students and parents pursue personal and academic goals.

Counselors’ first priority is to see students and talk to parents immediately, or 24 hours when they come into the office or call. West Plains High School has four full-time counselors. See Counseling Staff tab for contact information.

PACK Period is a popular time to visit with counselors. It’s always “first come, first served”.  If a counselor is not available, just visit our QR code below, sign in at the Counseling Center, or feel free to email us anytime and you will be called back.

The Future-Ready Center (2nd floor across from the Learning Lab) has information on colleges, college entrance exams, financial aid, scholarship applications, NCAA, and many other areas. During the first two weeks of school, counselors work extensively with student schedules, so general questions from students may be best addressed beginning with the third week of school.

Link to Canyon ISD official full Course Catalog


Need to see a Counselor? Scan this QR code!

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