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Diplomas & Degrees Program

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Diplomas & Degrees Program

The Amarillo College Diplomas & Degrees program is a partnership between Amarillo College and West Plains High School that allows qualifying students the opportunity to earn their Associate's degree in General Studies at the same time they are working towards their high school diploma.  West Plains students take all of the dual credit course opportunities offered at West Plains High School, while enrolled simultaneously in Amarillo College, to earn high school credit and college credit for the first two years of a Bachelor’s degree.  Once students graduate from West Plains High School and Amarillo College they are able to begin their undergraduate studies at a university academically as a junior in college.  Whereas, universities will still consider them as first-time in college students, they will be academically classified as college juniors.  During their senior year at West Plains High School and Amarillo College, students will need to be applying for admission to attend a university to continue their undergraduate studies. 

Below you will find the semester-by-semester plan for high school/dual credit/concurrent credit degree plan.(each student’s plan looks differently)


Diplomas & Degrees Semester-by-Semester Plan


Diplomas & Degrees Graduation Degree Plan Checklist for Students/Parents


Amarillo College Online Syllabus Search for All Classes
(Lookup textbooks needed for each course, course expectations, course grade requirements, assignment calendars, professor’s contact info, etc.)


Jennifer Manning
Professional School Counselor | Dual Credit Coordinator
West Plains High School


Javier Herrera

Diplomas & Degrees Coordinator

Amarillo College


Sandra De La Rosa, M.Ed.
Director of Dual Credit & Secondary School Partnerships
Amarillo College


Darci Thompson

Dual Credit Advisor

Amarillo College



Amarillo College Business Office
Tuition Payments/Payment Plans
Amarillo College, Washington St. Campus, Byrd Business Building 1st Floor


Amarillo College Bookstore
Buying/Renting of Textbooks
Amarillo College, Washington St. Campus, College Union Building  (Can purchase textbooks online and mailed to your home.)