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Texas Success Initiative (TSI) 2.0 Assessment


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What is TSI?

Informational Brochure

The TSI tests are part of the Texas Success Initiative, a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college. There are two components of the program. The first is the assessment of students’ basic skills in English language arts & reading and mathematics. The second is developmental instruction to strengthen academic skills that need improvement. So if students do not score in the college-ready level range on one part of the assessment, High Schools are now required to offer them remediation to help them become prepared for college-level course work.

Colleges use the TSI scores in a similar way: to make sure students can handle Freshman classes. If not, students are placed in a class that matches their skill level. Remediation in college, however, usually means taking and paying for class that is not going to count towards a degree. With the high price of tuition, it is understandable why the state wants students to get fully college ready while still in High School.

TSI 2.0 began on Jan 11, 2021.  If students do not meet the college ready standard, they are given a second diagnostic exam.  This exam gives students a second change to meet the college ready standard.  

  • ELAR Exam 30 questions +  Essay (350-600 words) / ELAR Diagnostic 48 questions.

    • Reading – literary text analysis and informational text analysis and synthesis

    • Writing – essay revision and editing, sentence revision, editing, and completion   

  • Mathematics exam 30 questions / Math Diagnostic 48 questions

    • Quantitative Reasoning

    • Algebraic Reasoning

    • Geometric and Spatial Reasoning

    • Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning

College Bound Students.  Most colleges will not allow students to register or attend freshman orientation until they have attempted both TSI tests (or have shown college readiness through ACT/SAT/dual credit in all areas).  Be sure and take advantage of free TSI testing while in high school.

Dual Credit Students.  Students must also demonstrate they can handle college level coursework before taking a dual credit class.  This may be shown using a TSI test, or ACT/SAT, PSAT, or an EOC test.  The TSI tests needed for Dual Credit are the mathematics test for math courses and the English (ELAR) test for all others.  


College ready scores

Interpreting your score

TSI Assessment

English 945 with an essay of 5, or <945 with a Diagnostic of 5 and an essay of 5

Math 950, or <950 with a Diagnostic of 6



You are exempt from TSI testing with these ACT or SAT scores.



English 19 with a composite score of 23 = TSI Reading and Writing

Math 19 with a composite score of 23 = TSI Math




Evidenced-Based Reading/Writing 480 = TSI Reading and Writing

Math 530 = TSI Math


You may also show college readiness for dual credit only with a STAAR EOC score or PSAT score.



4000 or “Meets” = TSI Reading and Writing




4000 or “Meets” + Credit in Algebra II = TSI Math




Evidenced-Based Reading/Writing 460 = TSI Reading and Writing

Math 510 = TSI Math



College freshman also demonstrate college-readiness by completing a dual credit class, even if they did not have to TSI.  You will have to send your AC transcript to your university.




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The Official TSI Study App $4.50. Practice tests on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

TSI Sample Questions