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Personal Graduation Planning

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Coursework House Bill 5 (HB 5), passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature and signed by the governor, provides for a new set of graduation plans for Texas students. These graduation plans consist of a foundation plan for every Texas student and five endorsements from which students may choose, depending on their interests. When selected, students will complete each of these endorsements with four Mathematics, four Science, four English Language Arts, and four Social Studies credits at West Plains High School. This will insure that all students recieve at least a multidisciplinary endorsement, in addition to at leeast one additional endorsement in another pathway.  Students are also required to complete two foreign language credits. 

Students entering 9th Grade must choose from one of the following endorsements:

• STEM (Examples: Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, and/or Science)

• Business and Industry (Examples: Business, Finance, Accounting)

• Arts and Humanities (Art, Band, Music, Theatre, Foreign Language, Social Studies, etc.)

• Public Services (Examples: Hospitality – Culinary Arts, Teaching, Cosmetology, Health Sciences)

• Multidisciplinary Studies (Examples: 4X4 Core, etc.)

Planning for the Future In CISD our goal is to increase the number of students who graduate and go on to earn some form of higher education, enter a career with a certificate or licensure earned while in high school, or enter the military. To help you achieve your goal of a technical certificate, two-year degree, or four-year degree, we have begun implementing an online Google document Personal Graduation Plan for all four years in the Freshman year. It is a fluid document that can change, and students can share with their parents/guardians.  Please contact your counselor for more information about making plans for your future or creating a Personal Graduation Plan. We are here to help you achieve your goals and have resources available to help you. We do ask if you make a change to your PGP that you contact your counselor to make sure that change can work for you and your graduation/endorsement completion. 
An example of our PGP document is below:

PGP Example